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Pay-website.com is your digital solution to increase your online presence. We develop, code or check your existing website code for errors. Your SEO friendly site for Google and other search engines will be well designed.

Show your services and products online if you want to gain more clients using the virtual environment!

Visitors are exploring online content each day to seek and also to add valuable insight. Where are YOU? Still searching for your place? Consult us and we do everything possible to convey consistent answers.

Our digital strategy involves expertise, experiences and constant learning. Projects we are involved: health and dental care (including Dentists and Dental Clinics), conferences websites, facilities. Our digital marketing projects for different areas and fields imply also websites selling high tech devices, mobile, tablets, computers, service providers such as accountants, photographers, real estate agents, designers, hotels, B&B and guest houses, travel agencies.

Technologies and CMS we use for your website vary from Basic Websites with up to ten web pages templates, Content Designing, Images and Texts specific for your industry, up to big E-Commerce sites. Writing code for cutting-edge web and mobile applications, international and local SEO, just to name some of our multiple projects.

Keeping in our mind that any SEO friendly-site must comply with smooth user-experiences and search engines requirements, is the best thing we could ever do. Remember, big organizations like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, MapQuest, Superpages have different criteria for businesses.

Contact us for establishing your online presence correctly and to be part of your digital marketing strategy.


What would you say if the configuration of your site would alter upon the gadget that your clients use to get to your online business? All the content, pictures, blocks, would be resized relying upon the screen of the gadget utilized; no matter if we talk about a desktop, tablet, smartphone. Surprise your clients with totally upgraded experiences!

The quantity of sites with responsive web configuration is higher as days go by. Rely on the stunning usefulness and advantages given by this cutting-edge innovation. Continue to discover how responsive web configuration could advantage your business site and build your incomes. Use our affordable plans for your website, SEO services, apps, digital marketing for the online medium.

Why pick a responsive website?

1. It effortlessly adjusts to various sorts of screens

The most critical advantage of responsive web configuration is its capacity to adjust to multiple screen sizes. This implies the client experience continues as before, paying little heed to the gadget being utilized to get to the site.

The inconceivable capacity to adjust to any screen sizes gives your site an upper hand over different destinations that don’t utilize responsive web outline. Your site will have the capacity to resize itself as indicated by your clients’ needs, so as to give remarkable client experiences on any gadget!

2. Saves time and money. And more mobile sales

Think of the amount of time and cash would you spend if you somehow happened to make distinctive adaptations of your site for each kind of screen. By executing responsive web plan, you spare time-and-money, while additionally maintaining a strategic distance from additional expenses. Your site will effortlessly adjust to devices (mobile ones, also), so you don’t need to make more formats for your site.

More individuals are making buys utilizing their mobile devices. Your business would extraordinarily profit by responsive site, as it would urge potential clients to proceed with the buy. That means, as well as, expanded transformation rates and happy clients.

3. Successful SEO and Google`s recognition

Responsive web plan makes it simpler for crawlers to record your site pages. Utilizing this innovation, you have to enhance just one connection in light of the fact that the URL structure continues as before for all gadgets.

Imagine what potential clients would say if they somehow managed to get to your site from their cell phone just to see extended pictures and exceptionally scrollable content. This would keep them from rapidly finding what they are searching for and they would truly consider making their buys somewhere else. With responsive web plan, you don’t need to stress over irritated clients due to the fact that your site will look flawless on mobile devices, desktop, laptops.

4. Stay ahead of your competition

At the point when your site utilizes responsive web outline, you are situating yourself in front of the opposition.

With your responsive website, you offer an upgraded experience for clients that empowers your business to flourish in this competitive online world. Making your site exceptional on any device and giving the same fabulous client-experience on all gadgets, will separate you from your competitors. Faster as you could imagine.


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